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rlwrap-ext – an extension for rlwrap

Using rlwrap together with sqlplus, rman, or other Oracle command line tools brings more comfort than simple commandline editing and a command line history. Since rlwrap is based on the GNU readline library, it can be used also for key word completion: You type in the characters sel and press the tab key – rlwrap will complete the typed in word to SELECT. With my extensions you can teach it the names of all DBA_-Views, V$-Views etc.

Multimedia keys, KDE and a Dell Inspiron 9400

Our dear friends, the hardware manufacturers build fancy stuff into their laptops and, of course, deliver appropriate drivers with it.
Or whatever.
In reality, if you get a new laptop computer all you are left over with is a bunch of some CDs with drivers for some well known and well beloved near-OS experience. You know, that one where you still cannot seperate graphics from the OS functions.
Linux drivers? No! Isn't it that cancer growth?

But help is still available, e.g. if want to use those so-called multimedia keys on your laptop take a look here ...