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This page is intended to be a portal for with Linux, Oracle and Open Software. The focus is on smaller projects, contributions are welcome!

What is Linuxification?

Linuxification ist the process of migrating machines from proprietary operating systems to Linux. For reasons unknown, this definition is still not available at Wikipedia. We are working on that.

Using command line editing in sqlplus on Unix/Linux?

Got tired of the stupid behaviour of sqlplus? A very interesting add-on is rlwrap, and not only for sqlplus - it works with other command line tools too. Get more about it on the Links page.

If you are using sqlplus or RMAN (Oracle Recovery Manager) combined with rlwrap you may find those extensions useful.

Linux, Multimedia keys and Dell Inspiron 9400

Though hardware manufacturers are rather reluctant concernig support for Linux, help is still available. In case you want to know how to make multimedia keys work on a Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop computer, take a look at the project page ...